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Classroom Workflow

Using Google Tools in the classroom allows you to easily share and collect assignments from your students. But - proper workflow training with your students will help you keep your Google Drive organized. There's nothing worse than a Drive full of untitled or poorly titles assignments.

Several tools are available to help you organize student work and set the correct sharing permissions. 

GENERAL WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT: Reap the benefits of collaborative document sharing in your classroom. Jennifer Carey,Director of Academic Technology at the Ransom Everglades School in Coconut Grove, Florida provides easy to follow tips on how to effectively distribute and collect documents. Set up consistent document naming riles and reinforce them!

ASSIGNMENT COLLECTOR: Keep Student work organized is an "Assignment Collector". The Assignment Collector is a Google Form that is connected to a Spreadsheet. Use this form to collect URLs for Google Sites or for documents created in Google Drive:

gCLASS FOLDERS: Another tool you can use is gClass Folders, a free add-on for Google Spreadsheets that will automate the creation of class folders for both students and teachers with the correct permission levels to view or edit documents and folders. This script was created by teachers for teachers and is safe to use.