Google ID for Teachers: Login with your full email ID and password at,,, etc.   

Google ID for Students: Student user IDs are based on LASSIDs and look like -- for example --  This creates a uniform ID that is also the same as a student's lunch and library ID.

Passwords for Students: The default password is the students' date of birth in the format mmddyyyy. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that all students choose a new password.  Look on the left menu under How To > Classroom Resources for information about choosing and managing passwords. A general password reset did NOT occur at the beginning of the 2016/17 school year. 

PASSWORD RESET for Staff and Students: District Google/Gmail passwords must be reset by a Google Administrator. If you change your password and forget what it is please look on the left menu for the password reset links. A lightweight admin role can be assigned to staff who would like to be able to reset student passwords on their own. Please contact Liane at

Remember to protect your account and create a secure password.