Google Advanced Image Search

If you copy someone else's words or ideas without proper attribution it's called plagiarism. But what about photos and other images you copy from a web site? We often forget that someone else created those images.Everyone agrees that a great picture will enhance or explain what you are writing about but, copyright rules apply! 

You can use Google Advanced Image Search to find images that are tagged with  a Creative Commons license. Image creators will allow you to use or use and modify their images as long as you give them proper credit. 

To start an advanced image search go to: Bookmark this link so you can find it later! If you forget, you can always go to the regular Google Image Search and enter a search term, for example "cat". After you get your search result click the gear in the upper right and choose "Advanced Image Search".

Look toward the bottom of the search screen for usage rights. Click the dropdown arrow. If you want to modify or change an image make sure you select free to use share or modify

From the search results, select the image you want to use. Now you need to find the author of the imageIn order to give credClick the title of the image for more information and to find who created the image