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Account: Student Usernames and Passwords

TEACHERS: Login with your full name@mansd.org email ID and password at  www.google.com, mail.google.com, drive.google.com, etc. Select an app from the top Google menu. 

STUDENTS: Usernames are a combination of your name as it appears in Aspen and your Year of Graduation (YOG). 
Login with your  ID (what comes before @k12student.mansd.org) and password at  drive.google.com/a/k12student.mansd.org, etc. This links takes you directly to Google Drive. Once logged in you can choose other apps.

  Example   Description  Name, YOG  Username
 1  simple first/last  Jane Doe, 2013  13jane.doe
 2  double last, no hyphen  Jane Doe Smith, 2013  13jane.doesmith
 3  double last, hyphenated   Jane Doe-Smith, 2013  13jane.doe-smith
 4  apostrophe in last name  Jane O'Doe, 2013  13jane.odoe
 5  apostrophe in first name  L'Jane Doe, 2013  13ljane.doe
 6  period in name  Jane St. Doe, 2013  13jane.stdoe

Students have an initial default password based on their birth date. The password begins with a lower case 'b' and is followed by the birth date in this format: bmmddyyyy,  where 'mm' is the month, 'dd' is the day, and 'yyyy' is the the year. If the month or day is a single digit, place a zero in the tens place. For example, March is the third month and is entered as '03'. See below:

Example 1.) Birthday is March 1, 2000. Password is b03012000
Example 2.) Birthday is October 9, 1995. Password is b10091995

Remember to protect your account and create a secure password. Look on the left  Main Menu  for  Classroom Resources  to read a great article on how to create a secure password that can be easily remembered. If you need help ask a teacher or a parent.

To learn how to change your password look on the left How To menu for Tutorials  and  Account: Password Management. 

PASSWORD RESET: If you forget your password and can't log in to your account  have a teacher submit your request through the password reset form.